5 Most Read Posts of 2014

2014 was another great year for the RTA blog and two major things happened. We redesigned our website and launched an ebook that is a 101 guide to APE ministry. If you haven’t checked out our FREE Ebook, please download it and read through it with your teams. It will help many of your people need better empowerment into their callings as A, P, or E!

Now without further ado, here are the top five read posts of 2014.

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Ferguson Up Until Now 03

Ferguson: An Evangelist’s Response

This is a guest post by Jason Gaboury. He is the Regional Director of New York/New Jersey with InterVarsity. He directs and oversees the work of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to undergraduates in that massive area!

Our nation is reeling again.  When a grand jury failed to indict officer Wilson of any charge in the shooting death of Michael Brown, frustration and anger exploded in the street.  Screens of smart phones lit up with tweets, articles, and commentary.  Comments fly.  Frustration escalates.  There are outbreaks of violence and riots.  Policing, particularly the militarized form used to ‘control’ the crowd is scrutinized.  Pain is in the air.

How should Christians respond? 

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Becoming “Bi-Vocational” Saved My Ministry

This is a guest post by Doug Black Jr. He is a bi-vocational minister in the Philadelphia area and really passionate about making disciples where ever he goes! check him out at http://www.heyitsdoug.com

I was in youth ministry for years, reaching a group of students that (was supposed to be) between grades 7-12. These were amazing students, and many of them are still following Christ to this day, some thanks to us and some in spite of us. These students were reaching their friends at their lunch tables, giving testimonies and reports in classes, and becoming leaders in our growing little church.

And I was sitting in an office, wondering what to do while they were in school. Sure, I would prepare events and message. I would do some administrative stuff. But, I had a devastating hunger for more: making disciples where there were none, seeing ministry happened like Jesus did it, connecting with students, teachers and school events.

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Video: What A.P.E.s Can Learn From Wolves

My friend Gibby passed this along to me and it’s a fascinating video about wolves and what happend to Yellowstone when they intruded them in 1995. It’s remarkable the change they brought on almost every level.

A great question to ask, “What if we we re-introduced apostles, prophets, evangelists back into our ministry?”

What could it do to the ecosystem of the church?

Evangelism: Who’s Job Is It Anyways?

This week, in an effort to let people know about my evangelism book, Beyond Awkward, different people are posting blogs I have written taking you deeper into the content of the book.

If you buy the book by Friday night, you also receive 4 FREE bonus resources from me.


Bob Roberts Jr. is one of those people and he has a blog post on his site from me about the confusion in knowing the role of Holy Spirit and our own role in evangelism.

If you are anything like me then you struggle with this tension too: Who is supposed to make things happen in evangelism, God or me?

When it comes to seeking conversion in our friend’s and families lives, we don’t want to be annoying and pushy, but we don’t want to sit back and wait forever either. Some of us are more temperamentally on the side of things that says, “I need to make something happen” while others of us are more the “If its going to happen then God is going to do it”.

But effective evangelism is more nuanced and partnered than this. Both statements above assume a black or white reality when God is inviting us into the blended.

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A few years back while sitting in a café with a student trying my best to persuade him of the reality of Jesus and that He is in fact God, I became incredibly frustrated as he said to me, “Beau, I don’t care if this is true or not, I want to know if Jesus works?”

This comment both perplexed and opened up a whole new way for me to see how to reach people that are more “experienced based”.

If you would like to see what God showed me about reaching experience – based people, then read the rest of my post over on Linson Daniel’s blog. He was gracious enough to host me this week and help spread the word about my book being released and the 4 FREE bonuses I am offering just this week.

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Evangelism: Awkwardly Silent or Awkwardly Zealous?

If you buy Beyond Awkward this week, you get 4 FREE bonuses!

When it comes to sharing our faith most of us tend to be awkward – either awkwardly silent or awkwardly zealous.

When you say the word evangelism it doesn’t tend to bring up positive connotations and when you think of a person who is an evangelist, you can’t think of many if any that you’d like to have over to your house.

Evangelism and evangelists are awkward.

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