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Video Series: How to See Breakthrough In Evangelism

I am so excited to share with you today a FREE video series I have created to help you grow more boldly in evangelism so you can see the people around you come to Christ.

I took a day in August and filmed three videos to take you deeper into my teaching on evangelism. I focused in on three very specific questions and I really hope my answers help you find more courage and boldness to be the witness that God has created you to be.

You can watch the first video here.

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I Need Your Help

Hey friends! I could really use your help. My book, Beyond Awkward, that I have been working on for over a year and a half is about to release and I want some friends to make some videos to help me promote the book.

I am talking about really easy “home-made” videos on your iPhone. Videos that are one minute long.

Like this example here.

What I want is 50 people making videos telling a 1-2 min story of a time they shared their faith and it was “awkward but worth it.”

My hope is that many of us can release these next week when the book comes out in a fun and encouraging way get the word out a bit. If you aren’t excited about sharing the video on your social media profile, then maybe I could just share it on the blog for all of us to be encouraged.

Some ideas

  • Have your small group make 1min videos this week
  • Have your leaders make these and share them with your church/fellowship

I think this will not only be helpful for me, but very encouraging for your group you are part of or leading. What if you had a number of 1min clips of stories of people overcoming awkwardness in evangelism? That would be pretty cool to share in your ministry or with ministry partners!

Would you please help me?

Directions and an example are here. I would love them by Sunday?

Let me know in the comments if you are in! I really need your help!

FREE Chapter – Beyond Awkward

Beyond Awkward (cut)I am so excited that Beyond Awkward is just a few weeks away from being released! I have been working on this project for over a year and a half and there is so much anticipation for me as I wait until the day I can get this book into your hands and further encourage you into the sharing of your faith.

If you would like a FREE chapter to read while you wait, you can grab it here.

Also, I had a very kind reader of the blog email me today asking how he could help launch my book when it arrives. I have never met him and was so thankful that he would ask to be part of this. I was ecstatic, and would love the help. It is so much easier to promote a book like this when there is a team of passionate people helping.

So if you are excited about helping people grow in evangelism, or you are just a kind person that wants to help, I have a  few ways that you could do so. The best way for me to communicate with you would be to jump onto this list and I will shoot an email out with ideas I have.

*I will not use your email for anything but this communication – your not subscribing to a blog or newsletter. Joining this list just helps me communicate with you all at once.*

If you are excited with me, feel free to tweet out one thing you are looking forward to with regards to the book using #BeyondAwkwardBook


What If God Heals Your Friend?

I wanted to share this incredible story of healing that I heard this week.  A major way that we explain the prophetic is in the ability to hear God and follow His voice into action and obedience. Prophetic energy pushes us to hear God and follow his voice into obedience. Many times following God’s voice leads us into praying for others healing and trusting him in the supernatural. This is a story from Julie Golingan Roberts. She is staffing a plant at San Joaquin Delta College in the Central Valley of CA.

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Win 13 Free Books – Help Us Share

primal-fireWe are really excited about the response we have seen and heard about since releasing our FREE Ebook last Thursday. If you didn’t get it yet, download it here.

But we really want help from our APE tribe to help us spread the word and get this book into as many hands as possible so we are GIVING AWAY 13 FREE BOOKS to those that share!

Click to Tweet Now and Enter the Drawing

The APE Ebook is great for:

  • Ministry Teams to read together
  • Christians that want to get familiar with APE language
  • Christian Leaders that want to go deeper with APEST and need stories and ideas

This ebook is designed for you to give it to your friends and team members so they don’t have to come to the blog and search through all the posts. This Ebook is totally organized for a 101 introduction so your friends can just read right through it and understand the APE callings, language, and how to implement them.

So we want to incentivize you to SHARE…

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Noah and all the space he needed at the beach

Catalytic Leaders Need Space

Recently Noah, my four year old, has been a bit difficult at home. He is listening poorly, pushing boundaries, and at times willfully going against what we say. We were told the twos were terrible and the fours terrific, but it feels the opposite to me.

Yesterday I took my two kids to the beach and I told Noah he could play anywhere he wanted as long as I could see him.

What ensued was telling.

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