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A blog post about James & my new ebook was written last week highlight a section of our book. If you would like to read an excerpt before downloading, now is your chance.

When it comes to discipling skeptics and seekers, we’ve found that it’s easier for believers to get involved in evangelism when you have an evangelistic community that supports their endeavors. Not only that, they’ll also be more effective. To do that, you need to address the culture of your faith community. How would you change a church culture so that it supported discipling of skeptics and seekers? Here’s a summary of five (download our new eBook,  Discipling Skeptics and Seekers,for the full text) of six rhythms that can help:

Read the full article with the five rhythms here.

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Today at the Vineyard Underground (a church that I help lead with a team of other people) we talked about the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4 and how to identify with one or more of the callings. You can find the documents I used below.

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Last night I had the privilege of speaking to 300 plus students at UCLA about how to live life to the fullest. They have been talking with students on campus all week about what it means to live an awesome life.

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I am excited to announce that James Choung and I (Beau) have created a new ebook and it releases today! It is short (about 3 chapters of a regular sized book) so it will be easy to read through and could be a great book to give a leadership team just starting out in evangelism.

You can get it for free here.

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Here is a great article from the InterVarsity Evangelism blog. If you are calibrating your church or campus ministry to be more fruitful evangelistically, please read this. It has great advice. Here are a few excerpts below and a link to the whole post.

That’s right. Sixty newcomers have a great evening listening to someone explain the message of Jesus, love what they hear, and spend a long time discussing it afterwards with their Christian friends. Somehow, though, not a single one becomes a follower of Jesus.

Very odd. It’s not like this was a tough audience. What went wrong?

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I just read this chilling article by Christina Cleveland and we need to listen to her as we plant. I am curious about your thoughts for those of you who are starting and multiplying churches – especially in urban areas.

I don’t want to be an unhelpful, ignorant, or overbearing white guy, so listening to voices like this is helpful for me. Furthermore we are a body of christ in mission and we need to remember that – especially as we start.

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APE Postcard

Beau Crosetto —  March 11, 2014 — 1 Comment

Thought I would share this postcard with you and ask you to share it around. If you enjoy this blog, think about posting this on a FB timeline or a blog/website. Maybe even email it out to a few friends. I am even thinking about printing a few out to give to people I come across that would love this blog. I had this made for an ebook insert and I think it looks great and captures what we want to be about in this space. So…calling all the evangelists…share away :)


mza_6838981982579193964.170x170-75I had the privilege of doing an hour podcast a few weeks ago with Church Planter Podcast. I was able to share about our InterVarsity work, Release the APE, and my concerns with evangelism in the church today. It was fun to kick around a few thoughts with them. Already, I have had one church planter contact me about partnering to reach a new campus in LA together. Pretty cool.

So if you want to hear what I had to say, or would like to subscribe to this weekly podcast, you can do so below.

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We seek revival every fall with about 400 student leaders in SoCal.

We seek revival every fall with about 400 student leaders in SoCal.

In the Southern California Region of InterVarsity we have been talking about revival a bunch over the years. It is what we feel God has called us to seek Him for during this season of ministry. Our core work is to “plant and build multi-ethnic witnessing communities on colleges and universities in Southern California” and it is inside of this that we are asking God for revival on campus and in our lives.

Of course this brings up many questions. Revival is a scary word to some people. But I think it can help us become more of the Mystic Leader that Brian Sanders talked about last week.

Here is a definition from Tim Keller that I really like. He is one of the main people we follow in our understanding of revival.

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This is an amazing story from Nick Kwok, an awesome brother that I work with. I really hope this encourages you to seek God and ask him to speak to you and guide you in your ministry. He will speak unexpectantly! Do you believe that?

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