When it Comes to Evangelism, You Might Be Forgetting One Important Thing

Yesterday I was on campus meeting with a student who has been seeking Jesus this Fall. She has been part of our ministry structures with Greek InterVarsity and really loving them. As I met with her I asked her what I ask most students who are curious about Jesus but not yet following Him, “What is keeping you from following him today?”

Her answer didn’t surprise me.

“I don’t know what it means to be all in? Like, how do I do it?”

I laughed out loud, and while it awkwardly confusing to her why I was laughing, it gave me an opportunity to explain to her what I often explain to people I am training in evangelism.

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How To Interpret Spiritual Gifts

I was asked this question on Twitter today:

It is a great question and this is how I would simply answer it.

There is a difference between calling and gifts.

Think of the Ephesian 4 “callings” as vehicles and the “gifts” of the Spirit in Corinthians as accessories that trick up the car. 

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Are Supernatural Gifts For Today?

In my book, Beyond Awkward, I spend three chapters on the role of the Holy Spirit in evangelism. Some people have written me, and reviewed, saying it was the most helpful part of the book for them. Others have written wondering when it was I fell off the cart!

[5 ways that help me hear God on the move]

With further reflection this summer, and a great conversation with both my brother in law and Tim Catchim, I have come to realize how to talk about the way I see the role of God speaking and the gifts of the Spirit for today. 

This post is thinking I am taking further and is not found in my book.

I think a continuum is helpful here.

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Online Evangelism Cohort

I am considering starting an online evangelism cohort. Would this be something that interests you?

I want to create a community where we can talk about evangelism regularly, and I can encourage and coach you further into witness.

If you are interested, leave your email here, and I will send you more information as well as some questions.

What could the content of the cohort look like?

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