What is Apostolic Confidence?

I have just started a book called To Spread the Power: Church Growth in the Wesleyan Spirit and I’m the section on apostolic confidence.

Reverend McCabe was sent by the Methodists in 1881 to plant churches all over the Northwest and they came to a point where they were starting a CHURCH A DAY and in some months two a day! He wrote about his mission in a paper and this is one great story:

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How To Create An Environment Of Innovation

By Jon Hietbrink

As A.P.E. leaders our concern isn’t merely with the motivating the activity of A.P.E. ministry, but cultivating an environment where apostolic, prophetic, and evangelistic leaders can emerge and thrive—we are both builders and architects.

In his work, Where Good Ideas Come From, author Stephen Johnson does a masterful job of capturing the qualities of environments that produce the kind of innovation we desire in ministry, and I found his thoughts both quite helpful and provocative for us as A.P.E. leaders. Though there’s of course more that could be said, here are a few of my favorite takeaways in understanding the “architecture of innovation” and how we can capture it for the sake of the Kingdom.

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Blessings of a Post-Christian Culture

This is a great article on living the Christian faith out in a Post Christian society. Written by Tony Kriz.

The article focuses on the church in Portland and how they are partnering to transform the city. One man who was visiting the discussion was from South Carolina and he was baffled about how the city and the church could partner so well in such a non-Christian environment like Portland.

So the man asked in the forum,

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[Video] – Three Rules We Must Break To Be Effective In Evangelism

I am going to start filming a short video every week to encourage you in the sharing of your faith. I have about 70 questions or so that people have submitted to me since the release of my book and I want to answer those to help you all.

[Do you have a question that you want to submit? submit it here.]

I will be releasing the videos at my personal website www.beaucrosetto.com on a weekly basis, so subscribe there if this would be helpful to you.

Otherwise, about once a month I will put a post up here on this blog recapping the four weeks worth of videos and pointing you to where you can find those.


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Our Church Failed – 3 Lessons Learned

Last month we decided to shut our church plant down. Very disappointing news and I am still confused, saddened, and learning from the failure.

I hesitated to even write about it, but in the end I am about honesty, and helping planters grow. Therefore, we need to share the wins and the losses.

I know that my identity is not the success or failure of my ventures, so I feel I can talk about it in an objective way. I also know that if you are apostolic and entrepreneurial then you are going to fail sometimes. It’s part of starting things and part of taking risks.

So here I share with you my biggest ministry failing since becoming Christian.

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Beyond Awkward – $2.99 This Week

Wanted to let you know that the kindle version of Beyond Awkward is $2.99 this week! If you haven’t picked up the book this is a great time. Also if you have read it and want to share it with someone they can get it at a really great price.

Currently it’s #34 in evangelism on Amazon, so thats cool.

Grab it here

If you wouldn’t mind sharing the news with a friend on email, Facebook, or twitter, I would be so grateful!

Thanks for helping me get the word out about this resource to help people press beyond the awkward and into breakthrough for Jesus!

When you buy or if you’ve bought, send me an email at BeyondAwkwardBonuses@gmail.com and I will send you a FREE copy of my newest Ebook “Breakthrough Evangelism”