Ferguson Links and Resources

In the midst of the tragic circumstances unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, we believe it’s critically important that we listen intentionally to the voices of our brothers and sisters of color and allow their perspectives to influence our own.

Of course, there are many articles being written about what’s unfolding, and here are a few that we’ve found helpful over the last week—voices we’ve sought (and needed) to listen to.

  1. An interview with John Perkins (founder of the Christian Community Development Association)
  2. An article about the contextual factors that are in play in Ferguson
  3. An article exploring black rage in response to police brutality:  (GRAPHIC)
  4. Five ways churches must respond
  5. An article written in response to the killing of Trayvon Martin, but still applicable today
  6. Some thoughts on responding as a white person
  7. A post on the need for Asian (and other non-black folks) to engage with these issues
  8. A sermon from Brenda Salter-McNeil on “Faith+Works=Life”

In addition, here’s some folks we’ve been following on Twitter to help ensure we are listening well to a diversity of voices:

  • @druhart — Anabaptist scholar
  • @cscleve — Social Psychologist
  • @blackvoices — Huffington Post Black Voices
  • @antoniofrench — Local Alderman in St. Louis
  • @trymainelee — Journalist

We will love to keep updating these lists–who are you listening to that we could include?


Jesus Didn’t Slap Zacchaeus

Jesus consistently blows my mind. His responses to poor, sick, disabled and abused challenge me to my core and make me examine my heart daily; but today it’s His interactions with the rich and powerful that are astounding.

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Noah and all the space he needed at the beach

Catalytic Leaders Need Space

Recently Noah, my four year old, has been a bit difficult at home. He is listening poorly, pushing boundaries, and at times willfully going against what we say. We were told the twos were terrible and the fours terrific, but it feels the opposite to me.

Yesterday I took my two kids to the beach and I told Noah he could play anywhere he wanted as long as I could see him.

What ensued was telling.

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An Unlikely Planter

This is a guest post by Chizu Shimizu. She is on staff with Intervarsity in San Diego and works with Urban Projects and Student Missions. 

This is an incredible story of being committed to planting new works of God. Chizu, in many ways, was the least likely person in my mind that God would send to get this job done – her role on staff has nothing to do with planting new chapters. But I have known Chizu for almost 15 years and she has a heart that beats for the path of God. I love her obedience to a strange call of God (totally outside her job role) and her willingness to follow God’s planting scent all the way down the trail. Watch this video testimony of her telling the incredible story of a planting mission this last year.

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image credit: john goode

Five-Fold Partnership: What Prophets Need

By Eric Rafferty

Of all the gifts in the body of Christ, prophets above all appear to function just fine on their own. The Bible is full of examples of independent prophets who were sent alone with a message or a task from God. They challenged leaders. They rebuked nations and societies. They stood alone in the gap between God and his people. Maybe this is why so many of the prophets of scripture responded to their initial prophetic calling by basically screaming, “NOOOOOOOO!”

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Why Are We Building So Many Walls?

By Beau Crosetto

Something interesting is happening in my neighborhood – a new wall is going up.

A high school teacher that was arrested three months ago owns the house on the right. He was pulled from his house in hand cuffs – I watched it all happen. Bad stuff went down that day. Furthermore, he throws loud parties into the night and to say the least some really fishy stuff is happening over there. It’s also not the first run in with the law he has had.

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3 Steps to Develop Apostolic Impulse On Your Team


By Linson Daniel

This was an interesting year for me. My leadership was really stretched. 

I went from planting new chapters to planting new areas for InterVarsity/USA in North Texas and Oklahoma. Four years ago, my team started as one area with 390 students in 7 chapters. It has since grown to become 707 students in 16 chapters. Now, my area has multiplied into three new areas each with its own area director.

I’ve reflected back on the past four years to figure out which steps nurtured the apostolic impulse needed to generate this growth. As a leader, you can help foster apostolic impulse in every team member! I’ve distilled it down to these three steps:

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*Photo Credit: Creative Commons; Dreaming Hands

Five Fold Partnership: What Evangelists Need

By Beau Crosetto

What Evangelists Bring

Evangelists bring an un-quenching intensity to see people not following Jesus start following him. They want the community of faith the reach far and wide and if people that don’t know Jesus are not being reached, then the community is not in a healthy spot. Evangelists not only do evangelism themselves and lead others to faith, but at their best this person is creating vision for the community as a whole that is evangelistic where everyone is active in working to see people come to faith. Called evangelists are responsible to train the believers in witness, proclaim the gospel boldly and shape the community of faith to be a place where “sinners” draw near as it was said about Jesus in Luke 15:1

“Then all the tax collectors and the sinners drew near to Him to hear Him.”

But every gift casts a shadow and the evangelist has two clear dimensions.

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