Free Book Give Away: “The Permanent Revolution”


Here we are again for our next book give away!

The last one was great and we had awesome participation!

Let’s do it again!

This week we are giving away “The Permanent Revolution” by Alan HIrsch and Tim Catchim.

5 COPIES!!!!

And they are really nice and hard back! I am tempted to steal one and not give them all away…that’s how good they look!

This is a great book on apostolic leadership and it really makes the case in an in depth way for why we need to release and empower the apostolic vocation in the church. If we want a “Permanent Revolution” then we need the apostles released.

You think I like this book 🙂

THIS BOOK gives great attention to the apostolic vocation and goes in depth with describing it and giving us language.

I am really excited for you to get this book!

Also, if you are in LA area this Friday and Saturday, there is a great event at Fuller Seminary, LA 2012, where Alan will be presenting his book and JR will be presenting his. It is really cheap to come. Like $20 for a whole group! Check out the event here

Here is how to enter yourself for the drawing…

You can enter the drawing by doing any one of these four things. Each one is a separate entry, so you can have multiple shots at this book if you do them all!

  • Comment (2 winners)
    • Comment on this post below and share with us one question you have about the apostolic vocation? (2 winners)
  • Twitter (1 winner)
    • Tweet this post (below) using @releasetheape in the tweet. (each tweet is +1 entry)
  • Facebook (2 winners)
    • Comment on our Facebook Page telling us why you want the book!
    • Share the post that is on our Facebook Page on your wall or in a group (make sure to share the one on our wall or I cannot tell)

So just to be clear, you can win by commenting, tweeting or Facebooking!

You can tweet as many times as you want for a chance to win!

The contest will be open all week!

I will notify you next Sunday night if you have won by replying to your comment, tweet or Facebook post!

Five Books will be given away this week. *All winners will be chosen randomly*

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About Beau Crosetto

Beau is the author of "Beyond Awkward: when talking about Jesus is outside your comfort zone". He is called by God is to raise up and release people that want to start new ministries (apostolic) as well as people that want to share their faith (evangelists). He currently is the Greater Los Angeles Director for Greek InterVarsity and in charge of specifically seeing new Greek (fraternity & sorority) InterVarsity chapters start on college campuses. Beau is married to Kristina and they have three kids: Noah (7), Sophia (5) and Wesley (3).


  1. Hey my name is Kodi and I am on staff with InterVarsity. In regards to the question about the apostolic vocation (for the book drawing), my main question is: As an apostolic leader, how do we invite others to be “sent”, to have a value of “sentness” when they are used to a more me-focused church consumption mind-set? I am trying to create an apostolic culture and cast vision for it, but often get a lot of push back or have people miss the heart behind what I am challenging them to. Do you have suggestions on how to communicate vision and develop an apostolic culture in a community where the community values really push against it?

    (As a side note, having issues with being able to comment on the blog today, I don’t know if other people are as well . . . )

  2. When we release and support someone of the apostolic vocation to pursue a passion and initiate something new, which questions do we need to ask them in order to help them prepare for the challenges ahead?

  3. I once heard Alan Hirsch speak and was moved by his passion. This should be good.
    my question would be if the authors ever have anyone shy away from the term “Apostolic”? It is not a contemporary term when speaking of leaders.

    • I frequently use apostle as an interchangeable term with church planter when speaking of serial church planters (if they strike once, they’ll strike again). I agree with Beau, that you don’t have to be a “leader” to have this gifting, and in fact all believers are called to reflect these 5 gifts. However, there are certain people whose calling is to constantly brave gospel frontiers. Like Paul, Timothy, and Titus, they are constantly propelling themselves out of the community of believers, and creating communities of believer wherever they go. We have historically called these people missionaries, or increasingly today, church planters. I am in agreement with Alan Hirsch that the body needs the tension of leaders reflecting each of these roles, and that as they lead, they’ll develop and tease out these gifts in the lives of those they lead.

  4. My name is Jason smith. What are some ways for people who know their bibles and don’t want to compare themselves to THE Apostles understand what the apostolic gift us? What metaphors or current cultural types help us see what apostles are like and what they do?

  5. Does the apostle arise from gift-recognition from a local church or does the apostle function outside of the local church, solely appointed by God?

  6. Are there any helpful yips??..oops tips to helping people not be a lone ranger or unknowingly cut people off(from misunderstanding) as they are initially pursuing this gifting?? (Awesome Q from everyone else by the way…can’t wait for the answers)

  7. The apostolic has to be released in order for the church to reach unity, maturity and perfection (completion) in Him and reach the full measure of His stature. Could you explain the difference between the leadership matrix and the ministry matrix as it relates to the apostolic.

  8. As one who is sent as an apostolos, and to creatively influence our city with the grace, love, and power of Christ, there are many opportunities and places to start a revolution. But let it first start in me! Let my heart be changed so that I might die to “self” and be more effective in turning the world around me upside-down!

  9. Hey Beau. Just found this site. I run NEW BREED church planting network which started in Europe planting churches in the APE style. I’ve actually got a book coming out in April 2013 with David C. Cook. Alan and Dave Ferguson have both graciously endorsed it. I’d be interested in sending you some copies when they roll off the print roll in December. It’s got the same DNA. Shoot me an email if you’d like an ecopy of the manuscript.

  10. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book for a while now … what is the apostolic workers primary goal: making a disciple, a church w/ elders, multiplication of that church to the 4th generation, transformation of a people group, something else?

  11. I’ve often wondered if the role of apostle (little a) indeed exists as something distinct from the Apostles, and if so what ought it to look like in the church today? Sounds like this book addresses this question.

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