By Donnie Lawrence

There is a missing ingredient in the conversations taking place throughout the body of Christ concerning missional Christianity. The missing ingredient pertains to one of the deep and meaningful implications of what true missional Christianity looks like. Let me put it this way: if we say that we are Christians, and/or embrace one of the fivefold ministry anointings listed above as found in Ephesians 4:11, that must mean that we completely and fully embrace the multi-ethnic mandate of the Gospel. In other words, we cannot be satisfied with cultural homogeneity (racial, gender, social class, religious, for example) and simultaneously embrace a missional ethos and worldview.

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Book Review: Church Zero

guest —  April 14, 2014 — 1 Comment

zeroBy Dr. Mark Convoy

The Church of Jesus Christ sports a 2000 year history, punctuated by breakthroughs, set-backs, catastrophes, and new beginnings. Peyton Jones’s book, “Church Zero” is nothing less than a cry for a hard-boot, restart of the modern evangelical leadership structure.  Imagine the gall of an upstart Southern California church planter, calling for nothing less than the restructuring of the modern common highly centralized evangelical church leadership model. Then imagine the possibility that he may be right.

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By Laura Hairston

About 4 years ago, my husband, Ryan and I heard the term ‘missional’ for the first time. For us, it was a completely new concept learning to live as missionaries in the places God had already placed us. Also, hearing of the 60% who would never walk through the doors of the church on our best Sunday where we were on staff. And, hey, I grew up a southern Baptist girl in Texas – all of this rocked my world, as I am sure you can imagine.

So, we made a huge paradigm shift and life change.

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A blog post about James & my new ebook was written last week highlight a section of our book. If you would like to read an excerpt before downloading, now is your chance.

When it comes to discipling skeptics and seekers, we’ve found that it’s easier for believers to get involved in evangelism when you have an evangelistic community that supports their endeavors. Not only that, they’ll also be more effective. To do that, you need to address the culture of your faith community. How would you change a church culture so that it supported discipling of skeptics and seekers? Here’s a summary of five (download our new eBook,  Discipling Skeptics and Seekers,for the full text) of six rhythms that can help:

Read the full article with the five rhythms here.

Vineyard Underground Logo-02

Today at the Vineyard Underground (a church that I help lead with a team of other people) we talked about the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4 and how to identify with one or more of the callings. You can find the documents I used below.

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Last night I had the privilege of speaking to 300 plus students at UCLA about how to live life to the fullest. They have been talking with students on campus all week about what it means to live an awesome life.

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Waves of Music

By Jon Hietbrink

God gives us gifts to play a symphony, not a solo.

Every significant discussion of spiritual gifts[1] in the New Testament is situated in the context of a complex system—we are “one body with many parts” designed to operate in symbiotic harmony with one another. The problem is that the way we’re taught to understand and express our spiritual giftedness can often be a very individualized and siloed experience—we’re taught to understand our personal gifts, but we’re left to wonder how those gifts actually work together in the way God intended.

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I am excited to announce that James Choung and I (Beau) have created a new ebook and it releases today! It is short (about 3 chapters of a regular sized book) so it will be easy to read through and could be a great book to give a leadership team just starting out in evangelism.

You can get it for free here.

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Studio shot of yellow apples in a wooden bucket

Here is a great article from the InterVarsity Evangelism blog. If you are calibrating your church or campus ministry to be more fruitful evangelistically, please read this. It has great advice. Here are a few excerpts below and a link to the whole post.

That’s right. Sixty newcomers have a great evening listening to someone explain the message of Jesus, love what they hear, and spend a long time discussing it afterwards with their Christian friends. Somehow, though, not a single one becomes a follower of Jesus.

Very odd. It’s not like this was a tough audience. What went wrong?

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How To Welcome A Prophet

guest —  March 27, 2014 — 1 Comment


3pdD94DMThis is a guest post by Brian Sanders. He leads an incredible church network in Tampa Bay called Underground. He is one of the most inspiring leaders I know. I love listening to him teach and I love the way he thinks about leadership, church planting, and missional communities. He is an apostolic leader through and through and you see this no better than in the way he is the chief architect for his network of churches. But he also comes hard with timely prophetic words. One of which was his last post you can find here.

Prophetic types might be the hardest to welcome because their gift is often unwanted. Even the most refined prophets are hard to hear. The history of, well, history—is that religious people don’t just fail to welcome prophets, we kill them. Here, then are some tips on how to welcome (and not kill) your prophets.

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