4 Hour Campus Plant



What if you could plant a campus ministry with just 4 hours a week?

The following posts make up the story of Beau Crosetto’s attempt to do so at Long Beach City College. He details his journey and lessons learned as he goes. Every post has video and you really get a sense for what it is like to plant a ministry, and to do so in just 4 hours a week.

He is testing three things specifically:

1) How much can be done in 4 hours with the right partners
2) How the local church and InterVarsity can partner well together
3) What can students really do if fully empowered to plant


Enjoy the following posts that detail his story to plant LBCC from scratch!


  1. LBCC: My Story Begins
  2. Another Meeting With Pastor Sean
  3. First Meeting On Campus
  4. Planting Pushes Cults Away
  5. Zeal, But For The Wrong Gospel
  6. Attract a Crowd or Develop a Following?
  7. Learning To Prayer Walk
  8. When Reinforcements Come
  9. Planting – When You Don’t Want To Be There
  10. Do Not Despise These Small Beginnings
  11. Continuing To Pray
  12. Nothing
  13. The City College Student Schedule
  14. The Administrative Side of Ministry
  15. Praying For An Hour
  16. The Official LBCC Launch! 
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