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Book Review: Church Zero

guest —  April 14, 2014 — 1 Comment

zeroBy Dr. Mark Convoy

The Church of Jesus Christ sports a 2000 year history, punctuated by breakthroughs, set-backs, catastrophes, and new beginnings. Peyton Jones’s book, “Church Zero” is nothing less than a cry for a hard-boot, restart of the modern evangelical leadership structure.  Imagine the gall of an upstart Southern California church planter, calling for nothing less than the restructuring of the modern common highly centralized evangelical church leadership model. Then imagine the possibility that he may be right.

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By Laura Hairston

About 4 years ago, my husband, Ryan and I heard the term ‘missional’ for the first time. For us, it was a completely new concept learning to live as missionaries in the places God had already placed us. Also, hearing of the 60% who would never walk through the doors of the church on our best Sunday where we were on staff. And, hey, I grew up a southern Baptist girl in Texas – all of this rocked my world, as I am sure you can imagine.

So, we made a huge paradigm shift and life change.

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Vineyard Underground Logo-02

Today at the Vineyard Underground (a church that I help lead with a team of other people) we talked about the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4 and how to identify with one or more of the callings. You can find the documents I used below.

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Waves of Music

By Jon Hietbrink

God gives us gifts to play a symphony, not a solo.

Every significant discussion of spiritual gifts[1] in the New Testament is situated in the context of a complex system—we are “one body with many parts” designed to operate in symbiotic harmony with one another. The problem is that the way we’re taught to understand and express our spiritual giftedness can often be a very individualized and siloed experience—we’re taught to understand our personal gifts, but we’re left to wonder how those gifts actually work together in the way God intended.

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10003341_251607931686269_2118575402_aLet me joyfully introduce to you Donnie Lawrence. He will be writing monthly with us and you can read his bio below the post.

Those who walk with a prophetic and/or apostolic anointing are typically motivated by a belief that they have been commissioned by God for a particular cause. In fact, they see the world through a lens that illuminates many great causes – and thereby, many needs. This lens is empowered by a high sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the heart of God for the world. They are ready to move because of their beliefs and their motivation is both movement and belief. They know why they need to go.

But I am convinced that the body of Christ in America has been overcome by a collective fear of cultural difference. Because of this it is making it difficult for people with apostolic and prophetic callings to walk forward illuminating issues. We don’t welcome them. Why? Because generally speaking, we are scared of the cultural differences they illuminate along their way.

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By Jon Hietbrink

As A.P.E. leaders, a key part of our gifting is the ability to see things shift and be catalysts for change. By God’s grace, we’ve been equipped with the capacity to imagine new possibilities and lead others into new realities, BUT it’s critically important that we take stock of what’s fueling the change we bring.

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Like a fine wine, A.P.E leaders need to develop well over time.

Like a fine wine, A.P.E leaders need to develop well over time.

[This is part of a series on "How Do I Develop an Apostolic Leader?" You can read the other posts here.]

By Chris Nichols

Here’s the typical pattern.

A young, dynamic, energetic, gifted leader steps up and creates new energy and evangelistic zeal to a new (or existing) ministry context.  Exciting things happen and the work grows.  New dimensions are added and the work expands until the old structures can’t contain it any longer. The ministry begins to look for leadership to somehow get this new ministry animal in control and help it become sustainable.  It’s the crucial moment both for the ministry and for leaders.

Who are they going to look for to lead it into the next season of development?

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How To Start A Ministry At Work

guest —  March 17, 2014 — 2 Comments
Let's be praying for ministry to start in the work place all around the world!

Let’s be praying for ministry to start in the work place all around the world!

1523081_10202712148709918_957238784_oThis is a guest post by Carolyn Chow. She wants to give you 5 principles to help you create a vibrant faith community in the workplace.

As a 23-year recent grad, I feel that I have already found my calling – I am a minister. My job title does not actually say “minister”, but The Lord has made it abundantly clear that I am called to love and minister wherever I am while doing what I love, currently unleashing my career in the unlikely place of an advertising agency.

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Young apostolic leaders have a spark that needs to be stoked into full-on flame!

Young apostolic leaders have a spark that needs to be stoked into full-on flame!

[Check out "How to Identify an Apostolic Leader"]

By Eric Rafferty

When we look around the landscape of the church something is missing. Far too often, apostolic leaders are exiled instead of empowered, or when they do try new things, they fail and fall into isolation. What does it look like to empower apostolic leaders into fruitful maturity? Here are five things that every leader can do to empower young apostolic leaders (whether you are personally gifted for apostolic ministry or not!)

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APE Postcard

Beau Crosetto —  March 11, 2014 — 1 Comment

Thought I would share this postcard with you and ask you to share it around. If you enjoy this blog, think about posting this on a FB timeline or a blog/website. Maybe even email it out to a few friends. I am even thinking about printing a few out to give to people I come across that would love this blog. I had this made for an ebook insert and I think it looks great and captures what we want to be about in this space. So…calling all the evangelists…share away :)