What does it mean to be Evangelistic?

Evangelists are burdened to reach people not following Jesus. They love sharing the gospel and equipping others to do so. Evangelists insist that the church be hospitable for those who are on the margins of faith, and call our communities to care about those far from God.



Video: Derek Redmond by Beau Crosetto - 04-20-2015
https://youtu.be/_IpQLkxqIKA Yesterday at church I had the privilege of preaching at talk on "Awakening to Help" based off of Dave & Jon Ferguson's book "Finding Your Way Back To God". During the talk I shared a video of Derek Redmond who w...
How NOT to Make Someone a Project in Evangelism by Beau Crosetto - 04-13-2015
I share with you my GO TO LINE that clears the tension and sets up an organic environment for spiritual conversations to happen! https://vimeo.com/124871328 Every week I am answering one of your questions here. Check out the other videos. ...
Blessings of a Post-Christian Culture by Beau Crosetto - 03-25-2015
This is a great article on living the Christian faith out in a Post Christian society. Written by Tony Kriz. The article focuses on the church in Portland and how they are partnering to transform the city. One man who was visiting the discussion was...
[Video] - Three Rules We Must Break To Be Effective In Evangelism by Beau Crosetto - 03-23-2015
I am going to start filming a short video every week to encourage you in the sharing of your faith. I have about 70 questions or so that people have submitted to me since the release of my book and I want to answer those to help you all. [Do you hav...
Our Church Failed – 3 Lessons Learned by Beau Crosetto - 03-15-2015
Last month we decided to shut our church plant down. Very disappointing news and I am still confused, saddened, and learning from the failure. I hesitated to even write about it, but in the end I am about honesty, and helping planters grow. Theref...

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