What does it mean to be Evangelistic?

Evangelists are burdened to reach people not following Jesus. They love sharing the gospel and equipping others to do so. Evangelists insist that the church be hospitable for those who are on the margins of faith, and call our communities to care about those far from God.



How Do You Share Jesus With Someone Who Has It "All" Together? by Beau Crosetto - 05-15-2015
Every week I am answering a question about evangelism from readers on my blog over at www.beaucrosetto.com. The blog is dedicated almost exclusively to evangelism and helping you grow in that area specifically. Here are the last three video...
100 Conversions by Beau Crosetto - 05-05-2015
Saw this on Paul Worcester's Facebook page and I had to share! #MoreEvangelists #MoreEvangelism I want more students like this and I want neighbors like this. Come on Lord! Bring revival!
The Gospel is Never Neutral by Tyler Allred - 05-04-2015
By Tyler Allred Here’s my premise: If the Bible is actually God speaking to us, if Jesus is God become human, if his death and resurrection are real, and if that “gospel” is the powerful good news Christians claim it to be, then having a neu...
Video: Derek Redmond by Beau Crosetto - 04-20-2015
https://youtu.be/_IpQLkxqIKA Yesterday at church I had the privilege of preaching at talk on "Awakening to Help" based off of Dave & Jon Ferguson's book "Finding Your Way Back To God". During the talk I shared a video of Derek Redmond who w...
How NOT to Make Someone a Project in Evangelism by Beau Crosetto - 04-13-2015
I share with you my GO TO LINE that clears the tension and sets up an organic environment for spiritual conversations to happen! https://vimeo.com/124871328 Every week I am answering one of your questions here. Check out the other videos. ...

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