What does it mean to be Evangelistic?

Evangelists are burdened to reach people not following Jesus. They love sharing the gospel and equipping others to do so. Evangelists insist that the church be hospitable for those who are on the margins of faith, and call our communities to care about those far from God.



Release The APE Ebook by Beau Crosetto - 08-21-2014
I am so excited to share with you all that the Release The APE ebook is out! Jon Hietbrink, Eric Rafferty, and I have been working hard for months to compile top posts from this blog and turn it into a resource that you can share with your teams a...
Catalytic Leaders Need Space by Beau Crosetto - 08-11-2014
Recently Noah, my four year old, has been a bit difficult at home. He is listening poorly, pushing boundaries, and at times willfully going against what we say. We were told the twos were terrible and the fours terrific, but it feels the opposite t...
New APE Library by Beau Crosetto - 08-10-2014
Do you want access to our training material we are using on campus and in churches? Have you wondered how you are going to personally release the APE in your context? We have created a library with different training material (seminars, handouts, ...
Please Take Our 2014 Reader Survey by Beau Crosetto - 08-02-2014
We want to make our blog better and more relevant to your needs and interests. To do that, I need to know more about YOU. As a result, we have created a 2014 Reader Survey. By filling out this survey you will ultimately be helping you as a reader...
Five Fold Partnership: What Evangelists Need by Beau Crosetto - 07-24-2014
By Beau Crosetto What Evangelists Bring Evangelists bring an un-quenching intensity to see people not following Jesus start following him. They want the community of faith the reach far and wide and if people that don’t know Jesus are not being r...

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