What does it mean to be Evangelistic?

Evangelists are burdened to reach people not following Jesus. They love sharing the gospel and equipping others to do so. Evangelists insist that the church be hospitable for those who are on the margins of faith, and call our communities to care about those far from God.



Video Series: How to See Breakthrough In Evangelism by Beau Crosetto - 09-24-2014
I am so excited to share with you today a FREE video series I have created to help you grow more boldly in evangelism so you can see the people around you come to Christ. I took a day in August and filmed three videos to take you deeper into my te...
I Need Your Help by Beau Crosetto - 09-22-2014
Hey friends! I could really use your help. My book, Beyond Awkward, that I have been working on for over a year and a half is about to release and I want some friends to make some videos to help me promote the book. I am talking about really easy...
FREE Chapter - Beyond Awkward by Beau Crosetto - 09-11-2014
I am so excited that Beyond Awkward is just a few weeks away from being released! I have been working on this project for over a year and a half and there is so much anticipation for me as I wait until the day I can get this book into your hands and ...
Video: Encouraging The APE by Beau Crosetto - 09-08-2014
Brian Sanders of the Tampa Underground kindly made us a video to encourage those of us that are embracing the APE callings. He tells a very interesting story that really grabs your attention at first and makes you say, "Where is this going?" H...
Win 13 Free Books - Help Us Share by Beau Crosetto - 08-24-2014
We are really excited about the response we have seen and heard about since releasing our FREE Ebook last Thursday. If you didn't get it yet, download it here. But we really want help from our APE tribe to help us spread the word and get this book...

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