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shaping of things to come

Hey Everyone!

I am starting a new thing on this blog where I will pick different Fridays to give away some free stuff!

Alan Hirsch and I were at a conference the other week together and he generously gave me a box full of books!

So I am going to share some of that wealth with you and give away two free books today!

“The Shaping of Things to Come” by Alan Hirsch & Michael Frost

I have not read this book myself so I cannot really comment on it. But I know it is about mission and imagination for the future of our church. I cannot wait to read it myself.

Here is how you can enter…

  • Tell us in the comments what kind of thing you are trying to shape!
    • what is a dream or vision you are working on to bring the world to a better place in Christ’s name?
      • give us the 2-3 sentence version 🙂
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About Beau Crosetto

Beau is the author of "Beyond Awkward: when talking about Jesus is outside your comfort zone". He is called by God is to raise up and release people that want to start new ministries (apostolic) as well as people that want to share their faith (evangelists). He currently is the Greater Los Angeles Director for Greek InterVarsity and in charge of specifically seeing new Greek (fraternity & sorority) InterVarsity chapters start on college campuses. Beau is married to Kristina and they have three kids: Noah (7), Sophia (5) and Wesley (3).


  1. I am working to bridge 2 communities: (1) disadvantaged parents of young children [read: poor, mostly single, mostly minority, mostly poorly educated, without a supportive community], and (2) wise, loving Christian parents who want to be part of breaking cyclical poverty through the gospel.

    The format we’re developing provides the content and the context to form these relationships across education, race, class and culture; together to be immersed in the Story of redemption; and to experience reconciliation and learn parenting together.

  2. I am shaping the underclass of Ipswich in QLD, made up of homeless and drug dependents. I am forming kingdom communities, not with traditional church dogma, but from the narrative of God’s saving work in His communities throughout history. I show how Jesus’ abolition of the religio-socio-political barriers between people was the foundation of true community.

    On a corporate level, I show how our modern continuity with God’s narrative of the redemption of His people, and how revolutionary that is. On an individual basis I intersect the personal narrative with the Biblical narrative.

    … but I translate all that into very simple language.

  3. I am working with my neighbourhood to increase connectedness within our community through the commonality we share at our local primary school. Within this multicultural, multifaith community, we hope to shape a corner of the Kingdom to be a true place of welcome, hospitality, grace and freedom for those of us who have lived here all our lives as well as those who have arrived more recently, fleeing trauma and tragedy.

  4. Funny how I’ve gone to seminary to learn how to disciple others and instead have found that I need a whole lot of discipling. So while I am letting God do a work in me and learning to love God with all my mind, I am passionate about living out God’s mission in the world. He has called me to help worshipers become servants and servants (both those inside the church and those outside) to become worshipers.

  5. I am a part of a church plant in Aarhus, Denmark, where we are trying to reach out to the community of local students, international students, and young adults without network in the city. We’re also trying to be an active resource for the local community surrounding the old baptist church “Immanuelskirken”, where we are located. Our top goal above and transcending all above-mentioned is that everyone we’re in contact with will experience the redeeming grace of God through the stories of Christ’s saving actions and the meeting with the Holy Spirit. We believe that that is shown best by putting our words into actions, to practice love as a verb, in our everyday surroundings.

  6. In the process of launching a ministry to nerds in Vic, Australia. Looking to build a bridge between Christians who are into nerdy things e.g. comic books, superhero movies, DnD etc. & looking to create an evangelistic community in their space. Bringing Jesus’ love & acceptance to them.

  7. Developing a discipling community bringing together newly born again people from chaotic and addicted lifestyles and Christians who have been following the Master a bit longer but have a heart for the poor and vulnerable. Encouraging mentoring relationships to develop so that everyone understands more about the amazing love if our Father

  8. I am trying to shape the culture of young people in South Australia by going into primary and high schools all over the state presenting seminars that aim to inspire and motivate students to look into who God is, what He is about and how His kingdom is advancing in our world.

  9. Trying to shape a new model of discipleship for the church. One where everyone is engaged in God’s mission to us – love. It looks at practical ways to be more intentional in engaging all people in congregations in active discipleship and ministry.

  10. We are shaping a community of faith here in Winchester, Virginia. We are a place of artists, seekers, and “spiritually disoriented” sojourners. Many of us have been exposed to Christianity and hurt in the past. We want to follow God in the way of Jesus.

  11. Trying to shape a missional community from a remnant of an established ecclesiastical community!

    Shaping the possabilities of mission is so exciting!
    Instilling the vision of the Kingdom of God is exhilarating!

  12. Trying to shape global missions for the local church to rise up and take ownership of sending cross-cultural workers to reach the unreached with the hope of Jesus. We have created a sending team to be the support for our workers as well as create awareness amongst our church body. We are hoping to partner with other churches as they Send until together the local church unites to fulfill the Great Commission!

  13. I am a Pastor of a Church that needs constant re-shaping. It is very easy for a church to turn inward. My local Church has welcomed refugees from Africa. We have become an “international” Church but not everyone likes it. We are looking always for God to shape us into the form he wants for us.

  14. I’m a part of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Weber State in Ogden, UT. I’m part of the leadership team here and lead a small group/bible study. I’m trying to shape our chapter into a more missional community. We have a large group of students signed up to go to Urbana and a lot of students passionate about seeing God work on our campus and to the ends oft the earth!

  15. I’m a part of InterVarsity at Oberlin College and Case Western. We are working on contextualizing our ministry to reach these strategic campuses. I am investing in future health care workers, performing artists, and Asian Americans to be engaged, missional leaders in their fields. I would like to see the APE released!

  16. I’m graciously a part of shaping a community in Kansas City that wants to be the presence of the kingdom to our neighbors and gathers to bring the shalom of the King to the broken, marginalized, and misplaced of our city. This takes several forms, but essentially we are a church/community of villages on mission.

  17. By God’s grace I am part of shaping a group of students that God is using to bring light in the darkness of our education system and world. He is shaping our lives to be more like him and using us to bring glory to his name!

  18. I am a seminary student currently serving overseas who is constructing (on paper currently) a house-church model that addresses many of the breakdowns in organized religion and mainline denominations. The model will be built to specifically address the demographic chasm of twenty-somethings in the church and reconnect them with meaningful Great Commission ministry, intergenerational relationships, radical hospitality, creativity and discipleship… for God’s greater glory and the reconciliation of His creation.

  19. Hey, I hope I’m getting my comment in on time for this…

    I see my vocation as being an ecclesial theologian (vs merely and ‘academic’ one) for the church in the midst of post-christendom. I am part of a ‘simple’ church which seeks a more organic and missional way vs a traditional programming approach. I also advocate for a contemporary recovery of liturgy as a way to shape us for missional engagement in our communities – worship that is ‘traditioned’ but not necessarily not traditional. I am also the husband of an ordained chaplain so the issue of women in ministry is important to me. From this location I advocate not merely for the greater inclusion of women in ministry but also for the rethinking of ecclesial structures and hierarchies towards the goal of ‘male and female’ working together as the imago Dei and image of the Trinity alongside each other.

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