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As I said, this is my personal blog, but I have also invited other writers to write in this space with me regularly. You can find their bios on the sidebar just to the right. The two main people helping me dream this site up are Jon Hietbrink, and Eric Rafferty. They are grad school buddies, and we dreamed up “Release the A.P.E.” together one day at lunch after an Alan Hirsch class! I have invited them and others into this venture with me because I believe doing things in community is best, and I also believe we have a very important message for the church and young leaders. We need all the voices we can get and a diversity of them as well. We hope to have those diversity of voices here for you! Again, you can read about all the writers in the sidebar and follow their links to more about them.
[You can read all of the different writer’s stories here]

If you want to read more about what we as writers believe and what kind of theology is behind this blog, check out our beliefs here

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