What is the Difference Between an Evangelist and an Apostle?

We often get the apostolic and evangelistic callings confused. I know I did. Here is my attempt to help us clarify a bit what is the difference between the two and how they work together.

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  1. Thanks for the clarity in part 2. Personally speaking I have seen all 5 gifts operative in my life at various times. Yet my issue is I dont always know until after the experience which gift was functioning.

    I dont believe that all 5 need to be functioning at the same time, but I do believe that some of the manifestations can be muddled or combined and one might not realize which gift is apparent. It helps for me to have a prevailing gift that I can lean on, just to make sure I am not off track or too full of myself.

    Also, I believe it takes an evangelist to be apostolic, and to a lesser degree vice-versa.

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