What does it mean to be Prophetic?

Prophets love God with everything they’ve got and call others to do the same. They align their lives around God’s priorities and call the church out of idolatry and toward faithfulness in worship and mission. They challenge us to care about those on the margins of our society, and to purity in our pursuit of God’s presence.







How Do You Move APEs From the Fringe to The Center of Your Mission? by Beau Crosetto - 02-08-2015
One of the key tasks of leadership is to get people to buy in to the mission – especially talented people that are all over the place. One of the sad things that I see is apostolic, prophetic, and evangelistic leaders written off too quickly bec...
Are APEs an Endangered Species? by guest - 02-04-2015
From the book Primal Fire, By Neil Cole with Dezi Baker, Ed Waken, Phil Helfer and Paul Kaak As we look back over church history, we might be tempted to ask where all the APEs have gone? The church has long been dominated by pastors and teachers (...
5 Most Read Posts of 2014 by Beau Crosetto - 01-13-2015
2014 was another great year for the RTA blog and two major things happened. We redesigned our website and launched an ebook that is a 101 guide to APE ministry. If you haven't checked out our FREE Ebook, please download it and read through it with yo...
Ferguson: An Evangelist's Response by Beau Crosetto - 12-04-2014
This is a guest post by Jason Gaboury. He is the Regional Director of New York/New Jersey with InterVarsity. He directs and oversees the work of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to undergraduates in that massive area! Our nation is reeling again....
Ministry Idols: Individualism by guest - 10-15-2014
This is a series of guest posts by Scott Bessenecker. He is the Associate Director of Mission for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Each year he helps to mobilize thousands of students to domestic and international mission. He is author of various b...

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