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By Donnie Lawrence

There is a missing ingredient in the conversations taking place throughout the body of Christ concerning missional Christianity. The missing ingredient pertains to one of the deep and meaningful implications of what true missional Christianity looks like. Let me put it this way: if we say that we are Christians, and/or embrace one of the fivefold ministry anointings listed above as found in Ephesians 4:11, that must mean that we completely and fully embrace the multi-ethnic mandate of the Gospel. In other words, we cannot be satisfied with cultural homogeneity (racial, gender, social class, religious, for example) and simultaneously embrace a missional ethos and worldview.

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Today at the Vineyard Underground (a church that I help lead with a team of other people) we talked about the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4 and how to identify with one or more of the callings. You can find the documents I used below.

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Waves of Music

By Jon Hietbrink

God gives us gifts to play a symphony, not a solo.

Every significant discussion of spiritual gifts[1] in the New Testament is situated in the context of a complex system—we are “one body with many parts” designed to operate in symbiotic harmony with one another. The problem is that the way we’re taught to understand and express our spiritual giftedness can often be a very individualized and siloed experience—we’re taught to understand our personal gifts, but we’re left to wonder how those gifts actually work together in the way God intended.

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How To Welcome A Prophet

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3pdD94DMThis is a guest post by Brian Sanders. He leads an incredible church network in Tampa Bay called Underground. He is one of the most inspiring leaders I know. I love listening to him teach and I love the way he thinks about leadership, church planting, and missional communities. He is an apostolic leader through and through and you see this no better than in the way he is the chief architect for his network of churches. But he also comes hard with timely prophetic words. One of which was his last post you can find here.

Prophetic types might be the hardest to welcome because their gift is often unwanted. Even the most refined prophets are hard to hear. The history of, well, history—is that religious people don’t just fail to welcome prophets, we kill them. Here, then are some tips on how to welcome (and not kill) your prophets.

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10003341_251607931686269_2118575402_aLet me joyfully introduce to you Donnie Lawrence. He will be writing monthly with us and you can read his bio below the post.

Those who walk with a prophetic and/or apostolic anointing are typically motivated by a belief that they have been commissioned by God for a particular cause. In fact, they see the world through a lens that illuminates many great causes – and thereby, many needs. This lens is empowered by a high sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the heart of God for the world. They are ready to move because of their beliefs and their motivation is both movement and belief. They know why they need to go.

But I am convinced that the body of Christ in America has been overcome by a collective fear of cultural difference. Because of this it is making it difficult for people with apostolic and prophetic callings to walk forward illuminating issues. We don’t welcome them. Why? Because generally speaking, we are scared of the cultural differences they illuminate along their way.

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How To Identify A Prophet

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Alexia Salvatierra is a prophet in our midst

Alexia Salvatierra is a prophet in our midst

This is a guest post by Rev. Alexia Salvatierra. She is currently the Special Assistant to the Bishop for Welcoming Congregations for the Southwest California Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  She also serves as a consultant to many major organizations and just released a new book, “Faith-Rooted Organizing. See her full bio, and book her to speak, train, or consult your group here.

What is a prophet?  For many evangelicals, the calling/category of prophet is more confusing and controversial than apostle or evangelist.  Some believe that the Old Testament prophets’ focus on communal repentance for culturally common sins (idolatry, adultery, social injustice) has been replaced from the New Testament forward by prophets who speak particular divine messages to individuals about the consequences of specific choices.

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I just read this chilling article by Christina Cleveland and we need to listen to her as we plant. I am curious about your thoughts for those of you who are starting and multiplying churches – especially in urban areas.

I don’t want to be an unhelpful, ignorant, or overbearing white guy, so listening to voices like this is helpful for me. Furthermore we are a body of christ in mission and we need to remember that – especially as we start.

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APE Postcard

Beau Crosetto —  March 11, 2014 — 1 Comment

Thought I would share this postcard with you and ask you to share it around. If you enjoy this blog, think about posting this on a FB timeline or a blog/website. Maybe even email it out to a few friends. I am even thinking about printing a few out to give to people I come across that would love this blog. I had this made for an ebook insert and I think it looks great and captures what we want to be about in this space. So…calling all the evangelists…share away :)


Young women

13931This is a guest post by Rob Dixon. He serves as the Surf and Turf Divisional Director and lives in Clovis, CA. He’s married to Amy and together they are raising Josh, Lucy, Grace and Lily. In his spare time, you’ll either find Rob out running or in a book. He’ll be starting a DMiss program through Fuller Seminary in March. Rob blogs regularly on issues related to male privilege at

I love the idea of releasing A.P.E.s into the world.

I also love the idea of releasing she-A.P.E.s into the world. In fact, I love most the thought of empowering apostles, prophets and evangelists of both genders to partner side-by-side in advancing God’s mission in the word.

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This is a guest post from Gina Hurford. My sister of all people! She is a Financial Planner and Investment Consultant in San Francisco. She is also an InterVarsity alumni and came to faith in college at the University of San Diego. I have seen her grow since the beginning of her faith and I couldn’t be more proud of what she is doing now. When she told me this story a few weeks ago, I knew she needed to share.

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