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We hope to offer you some more focused reading by offering different blog series. As we try to bring focus to the blog and shaping the A.P.E. we think these series and future ones as well will be crucial.

These are some of our best posts and ones we think you will absolutely love!

We really hope you can read all these at your own pace and find yourself more released into the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic.

Are Apostles For Today?

The term apostle can provoke all kinds of reactions. What exactly does this word mean? Are there really present day apostles? If so, what do they do? And why does it matter? These are all really important questions. This series is written by Tim Catchim, who co-authored “The Permanent Revolution” a seminal work on the apostolic vocation with Alan Hirsch.

  • Read the posts here
  • Tim is really SMART and does a great job giving us Biblical understanding of the apostolic!

A.P.E. Theology

This is a collection of posts to really help you understand why the A.P.E. is not being released well today in America. It is also a helpful series to help you understand the theology behind APEST and the five fold gifting.

  • Read the posts here and get started!
  • Remember, if we are going to release the A.P.E. well, we have to learn how to think and talk about it well too!

Get to Know the A.P.E. Writers

This is a great series featuring most of our writers and their back stories. Each posts details how the writer first came to find out he/she was an A.P.E. gifted person and how God has been shaping that in them. This is a great personal zoom in on each person to get a feel for their style.

What is an Apostle?

I am really excited about this series! Most of us are super confused about what is an apostle and especially about what is the role of one today. If that is you, read the posts in this series and start getting some language for the role.

We are unpacking the acrostic A.P.O.S.T.O.L.I.C. where each post defining the role of apostle through one word.

What is the Difference between an Evangelist & an Apostle?

Many of us are confused at the differences between these two roles in the church and God’s mission. Here we unpack just how they are different and how they go together.

Multi-Ethnicity And The Missional Church

If we are going to reach every person with the gospel then we need to care about every culture and ethnicity. That means we have to cross into every culture and we need to deploy people of every culture. Unfortunately even some of the most missional churches are not very multi-ethnic. This series helps us think about engaging this issue much deeper.

How Do I Develop an Apostolic Leader?

This series is written by Chris Nichols who has had over 30 years experience developing apostolic leaders and shaping them into powerful people for God’s kingdom. Here you will find some great articles to help you think about what it will take on the part of your community as well as the apostolic leader to find successful development.

Spiritual Formation For APE’s

Without being rooted in God’s love, those with apostolic, prophetic, or evangelistic gifts run the risk of being just another hyperactive, over-confident, extrovert. And those of us with pastoral gifts run a similar risk of being just another hypersensitive, over-cautious, introvert. This series will seek to address what happens within our souls as we seek to follow Jesus in mission.

Start Something New

This is a series that helps you look at how to get new things started where you live, work, and hang out. If you need help starting new things, or just want some new ideas and encouragement this is the series for you!

A.P.E. Pitfalls

This is a great series about pitfalls that A.P.E. leaders can face and how to move through them. The calling and role of the A.P.E. leader is a great one in the church, but if not careful, certain temptations, struggles and challenges can really take them out.

Non Conventional Places A.P.E. Gifting Shows Up

this is a series that takes a look at places beyond the walls of the church that A.P.E. gifted leadership might show up. If you are someone who is not called to serve inside the church walls but has influence outside, you must read this series!

John The Baptist as Prophet

Take a look at a series of posts on the life of John the Baptist and how it shows us so much about the prophetic vocation in the church.

A.P.E. in the Movies

This is a fun series of posts that draw out principles of apostolic, prophetic or evangelistic leadership from movies. We can learn so much from movies and the great story and imagery they present, so why not pull out some A.P.E. imagery as well?

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